About Udder Marketing

An Idea is Born
The idea of “Udder Marketing” was born at a trade show. An attendee said, “You know what I need? I need a company that can come in, take my database, create a marketing program based on what my customers are buying, and I want that company to do my marketing for me. I don’t know anything about marketing, much less have the time to do it.” Thus the beginning of Udder Marketing.

Business Owners: Too much to do. Too little time.
This owner’s situation is not unlike most clients we service. Too much to do. Too little time. Not sure what to do. Way too close to the “details” of their business to be able to see clearly or objectively. That’s where we come in.

A Plan Designed Specifically For You!
We can develop a detailed “plan of action” for you based on your assumptions about your customers, or “real” information that may be sliced, diced and analyzed. From there, we work up a budget to help you meet your sales objectives with the dollars you have available to invest in marketing. Then, we put that plan into action and measure the results.

Get Started Today…
In a nutshell… Udder Marketing is here to allow you to put your marketing activities on “auto-pilot”. Consistent messages. Like clockwork. Designed to produce specific results.

It’s funny how a simple idea can turn into something incredibly effective. Do YOU have an idea… or do you need some fresh ideas for promoting YOUR business? Give us a call.

Wait a minute! What about the “cow” theme?

Where does ANY idea come from? It just “came”. We wanted something different. Something unique. Something that would allow us to “stand out from the herd”.

From there we noticed the similarities between the characteristics of cows and how they parallel business – specifically companies that sell products. So, the research began… and we developed a free report, “What Cows Can Teach Us About Marketing”.  Take a look when you get a minute.

We hope you see the logic: Be bold. Be different. Don’t be afraid to take a fun or non-traditional approach. Otherwise, you’re just another dull, faceless company. And, that’s not what you’re after, is it?